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USSR Childhood For Mads!Hannibal 2K14


Another small Soviet!Hannibal headcanon

(part II of ‘Things NBC Hannibal Might’ve Gotten Right By Sheer Accident’, part I being about Hannibal and food hoarding. This is much less depressing.)

In Harris’ books, Hannibal’s love of all things Italian stemmed from being a descendant of both Lithuanian and Italian aristocracy; hence his fixation on Italian architecture, high art, etc. - it’s a heritage thing as well as class marker.

Flash forward 40 years. Fuller’s Hannibal, if he’s still Lithuanian, would be born in USSR in the late 1960s, and he’d be at least two generations removed from recognized aristocracy. No palazzo living for him. But there’s still a way for that Hannibal to be both a product of his time and legitimately fanboy over all things Italian.

You see, Brezhnev-era USSR was crazy about Italian pop music.

If you tapped a random Soviet kid on the shoulder in, say, 1981 and asked him to name some of his favorite singers, odds are the first names you’d hear out of him would be Toto Cotugno, Adriano Celentano, Gianni Morandi, Pupo, and Fiordaliso.

Why this Who’s Who of Italian pop? Because it was just about the only Western media permitted in the USSR, probably because of Italy’s strong historical connections to Communism and the relative heft of its Communist Party.

So Mads’ Hannibal would probably get his first taste of the West through Italian pop music. For that if no other reason, he’d carry a love of Italy in his heart to his dying day.

((And if you woke him up in the middle of the night and sang out


he’d probably first sing back groggily

“con la chitarra in mano”

and only then dismember you.))

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